Right to sexual and reproductive health indivisible from other human rights

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The right to sexual and reproductive health is not only an integral part of the general right to health but fundamentally linked to the enjoyment of many other human rights according to an authoritative commentary adopted by CESCR’s 18 independent members. The comment detailed the obligations of States regarding sexual and reproductive health, including the obligation to eliminate policies and practices that obstruct an individual’s access to health facilities, goods or information and the obligation to ensure universal access to quality sexual and reproductive health care such as maternal health care, contraception services and safe abortion care.

General Comment on the Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health

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by Katy Mayall, Center for Reproductive Rights Members ESCR https://www.escr-net.org/about/who-we-are The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) recently adopted a General Comment on the Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health, the first to focus exclusively on sexual and reproductive health and indicative of the great strides our movement has made in building out the international human rights framework to fully recognize reproductive rights as fundamental human rights. In particular, the general comment: Largely frames … Continued

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