USA – Being denied an abortion and having the baby shown to push women into greater poverty than those able to have an abortion

In 1973, the US Supreme Court recognised the right to abortion as a matter between a woman and her doctor. But abortion rights never really stopped being under threat. One of the latest moves against them comes from the government’s tax bill of 2017, which uses the label “unborn child” for fetuses, a terminology coming straight from anti-abortion advocacy that recognizes personhood before birth, opening the way to criminalizing abortion. In 2013, an important study … Continued

To the woman who talked me out of having an abortion

  From an interview with “Claire”: “I was a lone parent with one child and no family support… I already had one abusive man in my life at the point I found out I was pregnant and thanks to you, now I have two. I came to you with a crisis pregnancy and unbeknownst to me you were anti-choice. I actually remember you telling me that I “couldn’t possibly” have an abortion, as if the … Continued

Burma’s deadly abortion taboo

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Original story by Kimberley Phillips 30 March 2016 “One of my friends is five weeks pregnant. She is uneducated and poor. Her boyfriend ran away when she told him that she was pregnant. She’s crying and helpless. She’s thinking about abortion with an unlicensed nurse. It’s too dangerous for her… It’s been five weeks.” This is an email that Women on Web received last year from a distressed woman in Burma, a country where abortion … Continued

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