LITHUANIA- Lithuanian Parliament to discuss restricting access to abortion

  The Lithuanian Parliament is due to discuss a draft law that would strongly restrict women’s access to legal abortion leaving only two options for accessing the procedure: when women’s life and health are in danger and in cases of rape. The text was proposed by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania who have since 2005 unsuccessfully tried to submit bills to criminalise abortion. In response, the ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women’s Network … Continued

Irish Parliament debates abortion bill

On 30 June 2016, the Irish Parliament debated a private member’s bill by Independents4Change allowing abortion in cases of fatal fetal abnormality, if a qualified perinatologist and an obstetrician certified in good faith that the condition of the fetus was incompatible with life. The Minister said he was not opposed to the purpose of the bill, but the Government would not be supporting it because the Attorney General believed it was unconstitutional, due to the clause giving equal right to the life of mother and baby – even though the baby would not survive no matter what.

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