YOUTUBE – Two reports of YouTube censorship: do you know of more??

On 15 January 2018, YouTube removed two videos by Women on Waves and Women on Web. Both channels contained animations with lifesaving information about safe and effective ways to have an abortion with medications. Some of the animations can be seen in the documentary Vessel. Women on Web said: “By censoring information on safe abortion, YouTube may contribute to morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortion. By removing the video channels, YouTube violates the right to … Continued

Doctors in Netherlands challenge Health Minister over medical abortion pill restrictions

Health Minister, Edith Schippers, is introducing a new law by the end of this year that will require GPs to apply for licences to provide the pills, under which both early abortions and the doctors would be subject to the criminal law. According to the medical journal Medisch Contact, doctors and abortion rights activists are taking the Health Ministry to court for failing to provide clear guidelines about the use of medical abortion pills.

Health Minister in Netherlands seeks to bring early medical abortion provision by GPs under the abortion law

The Dutch Health Minister Edith Schippers wants to make medical abortion available from GPs, as pills are currently only available in hospitals and abortion clinics. Another change she intends is that doctors will have to report all prescriptions to the Health Ministry Inspectorate, thus bringing early abortions under the Dutch abortion law. Early abortion (with amenorrhoea up to 45 days = 17 days after a missed period), has never been considered to be an abortion for which a licence or registration of the abortion with the Health Inspectorate is required.

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