Supreme Court of Justice ruling declares ruling limiting the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy law unconstitutional in Uruguay

Mujer y Salud en Uruguay considers the Supreme Court of Justice ruling (dated 27 April and released on 18 May 2017) to be encouraging, because it declares as inadmissible and unconstitutional the action seeking to limit the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Act of 2012. The case was initiated in February 2017 by a man from Mercedes who sought to stop a woman with an unwanted pregnancy from terminating it, claiming he was involved and was … Continued

Guía de Incidencia para la Promoción y Defensa del Derecho al Aborto Legal y Seguro en Latinoamerica y el Caribe

This is a new advocacy guide for the promotion and defence of the right to legal and safe abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is primarily for sexual and reproductive rights activists and lawyers in order to contribute to a better understanding of key legal arguments they may use to drive legal reforms regarding abortion in their countries, through parliamentary debates, strategic litigation, and academic discussion in different forums.

Strategies for action to increase women’s and girls’ access to legal abortions in Argentina

This collection of resources on access to legal abortion is a contribution to the strengthening of technical capacity in the field of litigation and the construction of advocacy arguments to have political impact. These multimedia resources are accessible to those at national and international level with some background in the law and jurisprudence on the subject of access to safe and legal abortion.

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