ISLE OF MAN – First place in the British Isles to decriminalise abortion

The Abortion Reform Bill was passed in late 2018 with unanimous support of members of the House of Keys (the parliament) and has now received royal assent. The law allows abortion on request to 14 weeks and in certain circumstances at 15–23 weeks. From 24 weeks, it is permitted when pregnancy is a risk to the woman’s life or if the baby when born would suffer serious impairment or die shortly after birth. The law also obliges … Continued

Ne touche pas à mon utérus (Don’t touch my uterus)

In Madagascar, our senators have preferred to evade the request to reform the law to allow the use of family planning by women. Even in 2017, it is still difficult to address the subject of family planning freely. That is because one has to speak of sexuality and moreover “the sexuality of the woman”. Thanks to family planning, women have the ability to choose the number of children they wish to have and especially when … Continued

Religious leaders thwart abortion rights in Sierra Leone

According to a 2015 World Health Organization report, Sierra Leone has the worst maternal mortality ratio in the world, and complications from unsafe abortion procedures contribute to 10% of these deaths. Due to a draconian abortion law, women have to procure abortion by any means they can find, and many either die from haemorrhage and sepsis or suffer severely damaging physical and psychological consequences. Last year, the country came very close to changing this reality, … Continued

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