Irish abortion law, once again, used to violate a woman’s human rights, says UN Human Rights Committee

The UN Human Rights Committee (HRC) has told the Irish State to pay compensation and provide psychological treatment to a woman who had to travel to Britain in 2010 for an abortion after she received a diagnosis of a fatal fetal anomaly. They also reiterated Ireland needs to prevent similar violations of women’s rights by changing its laws on abortion. Minister for Health Simon Harris said the decision was being reviewed by his officials and … Continued

UK Supreme Court rules that NI girl aged 15 was not entitled to free abortion in England

  The UK Supreme Court has ruled on a case of a girl from Northern Ireland who became pregnant in 2012, aged 15. She went to England with her mother for an abortion in a private clinic, which cost about UK £900. She could not have the abortion in Northern Ireland because the law is far more restrictive than in the rest of the UK. They were only able to afford the cost because of … Continued

STOP PRESS: Belén released from prison

In a majority first step following the appeal against her prison sentence of 8 years and national demonstrations across Argentina on 12 August, “Belén” was released from prison yesterday evening around 7pm Argentina time. Today, página12 published two hard-hitting articles about the way events are turning:

Symbolic tribunal in El Salvador: “Justice and Reparation for the Women”

With the objective of contributing to the freedom and access to justice of Salvadoran women unjustly convicted under the criminal law on abortion in El Salvador, the symbolic tribunal “Justice and Reparation for Women” passed a resolution calling for the three women who were convicted of aggravated homicide and sentenced to up to 40 years in prison to be freed.

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