Resolutions on elimination of discrimination and violence against women and others all pass

  The resolutions on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and the Elimination of Violence against Women were adopted on by consensus at the Human Rights Council. on 22 June. All hostile amendments were defeated, including those to delete references to comprehensive sexuality education and women human rights defenders, as well as a last minute oral amendment put forward by Egypt in the resolution on discrimination against women – to replace the word “gender” with “sex” … Continued

Response to Human Rights Council annual resolution

On 24 March 2017, the Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted its annual resolution on the rights of the child. In response, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Sexual Rights Initiative and Child Rights Connect published a joint statement in response, which criticises the HRC statement for not representing the most advanced human rights standards pertaining to the protection of the rights of the child, and for falling below the agreement reached in the 2030 Sustainable Development … Continued

The Human Rights Council has given Ireland 180 days to respond to their ruling

The Irish Prime Minister told the parliament that such a sensitive issue should not be rushed and set up a Citizens’ Assembly to look at Ireland’s abortion laws, starting with the issue of repealing the 8th Amendment to the Constitution, which gives equal status to the life of a woman and her fetus. However, even after the Assembly reports, it will be referred to a parliamentary committee for discussion before any decision on a referendum.

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