Somos Muchas fight for changes to the penal code in Honduras

For the past two years, Honduran lawmakers have been completely overhauling the country’s Penal Code for the first time in more than three decades. Every article of the Penal Code was being changed in some way except for the one on abortion, so there was hope that this would open the possibility of a revision of the ban on abortion too. For many months now, Somos Muchas, a coalition of groups in Honduras who support safe abortion, have campaigned for the Special Commission charged with revising the Penal Code to allow abortions on grounds of rape/incest, fatal fetal anomaly, and for health reasons.

Penal Code reform creates the chance to save the lives of women and girls in Honduras

In a 19 April article in La from Honduras, the headline read: “Members of Parliament discuss the issue of abortion with calm”. But apart from a photograph of a huge anti-abortion banner below the headline, that was the only mention of abortion law reform in the article – or calm – apart from tiny text below the photo that said abortion was a polemical issue. The article did  say, however, that a multi-party Special … Continued

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