French government moves to ban misleading anti-abortion websites

The French National Assembly has passed a law outlawing the promotion of false and misleading information about abortion on the internet, which will now go to the Senate: “Opposition to the practice of disinformation, in particular on the Internet, of intentionally promoting errors, or intentionally putting psychological pressure on women and those close to them in the matter of abortion.”

Croatia anti-abortion lobby not just peddling lies but playing with people’s lives

If a woman searches the internet in Croatia for an abortion clinic the first clinic listed on Google appears to be offering information to women, but is actually part of a nationwide campaign aimed at discouraging women from terminating their pregnancies. Unlike in France, in response to a complaint about the website by the ombudsperson for gender equality, Višnja Ljubičić, the interior ministry said in early 2016 that it had found no criminal wrongdoing.

“The mother of all frauds”: cheating pregnant women using ultrasound scans in India

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In Rajasthan, unscrupulous medical practitioners, looking to make quick money, have been caught duping pregnant women to undergo abortions after telling them that they were carrying a girl child despite the fetus being male. This has been discovered in several cases through women posing as patients in decoy operations.

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