Barriers to Safe and Legal Abortion in South Africa

Only about 260 of the country’s 3,880 health facilities provide abortions, according to recent research by Amnesty International. In a briefing report released in February they said the health department has an obligation to guarantee women access to abortion services, but is not doing enough to implement the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act. The research, at some public clinics, found many barriers to abortion. Only five public health facilities in the Northern Cape offer abortion services, … Continued

A Harm Reduction Model for Safe Abortion in Uruguay

This newsletter summarises all the papers in this supplement, based on excerpts from the actual text, with permission from Anibal Faúndes. The full papers are available on an open access basis under a Creative Commons licence.

Abortion in Tunisia: a right that is under pressure (L’avortement, «un droit sous pression»)

Tunisia is the only Arab country to authorize the abortion without conditions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Even so, obtaining access to abortion services often remains complicated. “A right under pressure”, summarises an article from the Tunisian website Inkyfada.

Why don’t humanitarian organizations provide safe abortion services?

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Although sexual and reproductive health services have become more available in humanitarian settings over the last decade, safe abortion services are still rarely provided. The authors’ observations suggest that four reasons are typically given for this gap: ‘There’s no need’; ‘Abortion is too complicated to provide in crises’; ‘Donors don’t fund abortion services’; and ‘Abortion is illegal’.

Public funding for abortion services in 80 countries where abortion is broadly legal

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This research, conducted by Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) at the University of California in San Francisco and Ibis Reproductive Health in the USA between mid-2011 and late 2014, found that the vast majority of countries with liberal or liberally interpreted abortion laws provide public funding for abortion services.

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