El Salvador: the debate on abortion law reform is officially open

This year is the first time that this Central American country has openly debated abortion, forcing even conservative media organisations to cover the issue in editorials and primetime news programmes since abortion was made completely illegal almost 20 years ago. “This is an historic moment. There’s been a qualitative shift – it’s not just women’s groups speaking out. Abortion has become a priority topic for a range of groups. It… feels like change. Politicians must … Continued

Stop Press: Australia Northern Territory Parliament passes new abortion law

THREE members of Australia’s Northern Territory Parliament – Sandra Nelson, Ngaree Ah Kit and Selena Uibo –  shared their stories of making the difficult choice to terminate pregnancies during the debate on proposed legislation to reform the abortion law, which lasted a full day. It was described by NT News as an emotional day and by ABC.au as passionate. The bill, tabled by NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles, was passed by a vote of 20 … Continued

To have the same right to abortion in Belgium as in France, is that too much to ask?

A sudden rush of media stories in February and March has announced a campaign in Belgium that is variously calling variously for modernisation of the abortion law, decriminalisation of abortion, and complete removal of abortion from the Penal Code, insisting that there is a strong majority in support in the country. The necessity for Belgian women to travel to other countries in Europe for second trimester abortion is especially condemned. L’avortement n’a pas sa place … Continued

Abortion law reform in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia

Queensland: Opposition MPs block two related bills introducing abortion law reform Queensland’s Liberal National Party decided unanimously not to support the second of a pair of bills reforming abortion law in the state, according to its leader. The two bills, introduced by independent MP Rob Pyne, sought to reform the criminal code to remove abortion as an offence. However, concerns had been raised that if only one of the two bills was passed, it could … Continued

New Zealand abortion law outdated, official committee says, and many members of parliament agree, but no one is moving to change it before the next election

The New Zealand Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC), which is appointed by and reports to the NZ government, made its annual presentation to Parliament’s justice and electoral committee on 16 March 2017. Dame Linda Holloway, ASC chairwoman, told the committee that the outdated wording of the law was causing “enormous administrative problems” for the ASC and health practitioners. “The law was not written in inclusive language. In fact, some parts of the language are actually quite … Continued

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