Abortion in war time: How women break taboos in Yemen

E ensures that her children prevent anyone from entering the room at her family home. Then, when the door is closed, she begins to speak quietly and nervously about why she had an abortion earlier this year. At the age of 39, E already has five children, the youngest of whom is 18 months old. Her family, like millions of other Yemenis, have been left destitute by the two-year war… “My brain told me it … Continued

Why Egypt’s children are being dumped on the streets

  [This article was published in 2015, but little is likely to have changed… Editor] “I would rather kill myself than tell my parents that I was pregnant,” says S, 26… “It was two years ago… I have not told anyone. Not my family, not my closest friends, nor even my boyfriend. Otherwise he would have just treated me as a slut who deserves all that. We cannot talk about it; it’s such a taboo … Continued

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