Statement: Organization of American States

Declaration on Violence Against Women, Girls and Adolescents and their Sexual and Reproductive Rights


Paragraphs on abortion

That sexual violence against women, girls, and adolescents has harmful consequences, both for them and the whole of society. It affects their physical and reproductive health, increases the risk of maternal and infant and HIV-related morbidity and mortality, causes high-risk pregnancies and pregnancy-related issues, including abortions, premature births, fetal distress, and low birth weight, and has serious psychological impacts, such as physical effects, lack of willpower, fear, angst, depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and a higher risk of suicide;

That there are still laws that perpetuate the exercise of violence against women, girls, and adolescents, that re-victimize them by violating their sexual and reproductive rights, and that violate the prohibition of torture and mistreatment, such as: maintaining restrictions on access to safe abortions and absolute prohibitions of abortions, or the denial of access to post-abortion care that contravenes de prohibition of torture and ill-treatment;


Guaranteeing the sexual and reproductive health of women and their right to life, eliminating unsafe abortion and establishing laws and policies that enable the termination of pregnancy, at the very least in the following cases: i) risk to the life or health of the woman; ii) inability of the fetus to survive; and iii) sexual violence, incest and forced insemination; as well as guaranteeing that women and adolescents have immediate access to affordable contraceptives, including emergency oral contraceptives, thereby eliminating the discriminatory effects on women of denying them services on the basis of stereotypes that reduce the primary role of women to motherhood and prevent them from making decisions about their sexuality and reproduction.