Statement: International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)

Unsafe abortion continues to be a major public health problem


Unsafe abortion continues to be a major public health problem, causing thousands of death each year and resulting in many more women who suffer complications. Given the current critical shortage of specialized professionals in many countries, the involvement of a range of health worker cadres is essential to ensuring access to safe abortion and post-abortion care, including the provision of post-abortion contraception.

FIGO has reviewed the WHO’s Guideline on “Health workers role in safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception” (WHO, 2015). The guideline addresses this critical issue and provides evidence-based recommendations on a regulated approach to expanding the role of health workers cadres in safe abortion and post-abortion contraception.

FIGO endorses and supports these recommendations and encourages its members to disseminate and advocate for the adoption of these recommendations within their national contexts.

SOURCES: WHO AND WHO, February 2016