Securing Reproductive Justice in India: A Casebook

by Center for Reproductive Rights, Centre for Constitutional Law, Policy and Governance

This book brings together judgments and orders by the Indian Supreme Court and High Courts across twelve reproductive justice issues, including maternal health, access to contraception, forced and involuntary sterilization, abortion, sexual and reproductive health rights of adolescents, employment discrimination on grounds of pregnancy or childcare. The book includes jurisprudence that facilitates securing reproductive justice and judgments that present an obstacle to its realization. It aims to provide a reference for those working on policy, advocacy, adjudication, and academic interventions around issues of reproductive justice. Each chapter includes extracts from the cases mentioned, in chronological order. It is the result of a collaboration between the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Centre for Constitutional Law, Policy, and Governance, National Law University, Delhi.

Introduction ; FULL TEXT, December 2019 ; From: Reprohealthlaw Blog, 4 June 2020