If you have an unwanted pregnancy, don’t delay seeking help!! Abortion pills are effective as soon as you have missed your period.

International help

Read the Campaign’s website on how to get help if you need an abortion.

For women who seek to purchase medical abortion pills and/or contraceptives online, there are two international groups who will provide pills via a telemedicine consultation and send pills to you. They are:

Women Help WomenWomen on Web

Get Abortion Pills 

I need an abortion with pills

Get Contraceptives

Women on Web have reported a doubling in calls. Please note that supply chains and courier, air, shipping and postal services are disrupted in response to the virus. This may affect how quickly pills can be delivered long distance. In more normal times, Women Help Women say pills make take from 5 days to 2 weeks in the mail. Now, it isn’t that easy. So far, they are managing, they have supplies of pills. But no one can promise how long that will last. You should also try to find pills locally if you can.

National hotlines

An alternative is to contact a national safe abortion information hotline for information about how to find and use the pills in your country. National hotlines can provide information and supportive advice legally, but in many cases, they cannot provide the pills themselves.

The Campaign’s website lists names and contact details for safe abortion funds in the USA, Mexico, UK and Germany.

Women Help Women lists hotlines in the following regions & countries:

Africa– Mama Regional Network, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda

Asia– Asia Safe Abortion Partnership regional information, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand

Europe– Abortion Without Borders (several countries), Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, UK

Latin AmericaEl Consorcio Latinoamericano Contra el Aborto Inseguro (CLACAI) regional information, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela

North America– Canada, USA. See also: TelAbortion in ten US states.