NETWORK RAWSA MENA – How journalists can act on advocacy for safe abortion in the MENA region: a webinar for journalists in the region – 1 July 2021

This webinar is organised by the Network RAWSA MENA – Rights and Access for Women to Safe Abortion in the MENA Region.

It will take place on 1 July 2021 from 2pm to 4pm GMT+1. It will be in English with simultaneous translation in French and Arabic.


Opening and Welcome: Selma Hajri, RAWSA Network project manager
Moderator: Hedia Belhaj, Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh Tunisia president

Abortion situation in MENA region during Covid-19 Pandemic and in comparison, with the situation of abortion in the world:
Selma Hajri, RAWSA Network project manager

Network presentation and membership benefits:
Sophie Basso, RAWSA Network coordinator

Media coverage of abortion and sexual and reproductive rights in the MENA region:
Nidhal Chemengui, Journalist and women’s right activist

Key messages on safe abortion by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:
Eman Emadaldin, RAWSA Network Focal point for Iraq and Syria

Debate: How to improve media coverage of abortion in the MENA region
Moderator: Hedia Belhaj, Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh Tunisia President

Because abortion is a highly sensitive issue in the MENA region, an objective and humanist media treatment of the question is lacking. Too often, journalists engaged in reporting on reproductive and sexual rights, including the right to safe abortion, are limited by the conservative environment and not able to create an open debate on this topic. On the other hand, abortion is frequently discussed in the media through the angle of criminalization.

For these reasons the RAWSA MENA Network – Right to Safe Abortion in the MENA region – is organizing a webinar specifically targeting journalists. The objective of the webinar is to discuss how journalists in the MENA region can act on advocacy for safe abortion, avoid stigmatizing discourse and raise awareness on barriers and risks for women in a context of unsafe abortion. During the webinar, the participants will be informed about the abortion situation in the entire region and how this issue is covered in the media. Moreover, the webinar will be the occasion to share key messages on safe abortion and how to use them.

The RAWSA Network wishes to develop strategic partnerships with journalists and media, in order to defend the right to safe abortion in the region and ensure that women can access these services when they need them and freely decide to do so.

Experience sharing will be welcomed, and we will give opportunities to journalists to offer their insights.


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Please note that the Network pays great attention to the anonymity of participants who are not willing to be visible. Only the organiser will have your name and contact. You can change your name on the screen when you join the webinar.