Midwives, nurses and pharmacists can now provide the abortion pill

In Guyana, Madam Justice Roxane George has interpreted the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995 to permit mid-level providers to deliver medical abortion for pregnancies not more than eight weeks. This now means that medexes (persons trained above midwives, but below doctors, who serve in remote areas), midwives, nurses and pharmacists can provide the abortion pills, provided they notify a medical practitioner. The Court Order of 15 January 2016 states:

“It is hereby ordered that the Family Planning Association of Guyana Ltd be and is hereby granted a declaration of its right on the true construction of section 5(1) of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1995, Act No 7 of 1995 to enable the administration of treatment for the termination of pregnancy of not more than eight weeks duration by any lawful and appropriate method other than a surgical procedure on its behalf of medexes, midwives, nurses, pharmacists and any other appropriately trained and registered mid-level member of the health profession under a process supervised by a medical practitioner provided that once a client decides on Medical Abortion (MA) the medical practitioner is to be notified immediately…”

Plans are underway to work with midwifery, nursing and pharmacy associations to provide training and destigmatize this service.