Mexico: Decriminalisation of abortion in Puebla and other news from the Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE)

In October 2022, an amparo was presented by GIRE and the local organisations CAFIS and ODESYR against the criminal regulation of abortion in the state of Puebla. (An amparo in Spanish is an appeal for the protection of constitutional rights, used in certain jurisdictions.) Although the Puebla government initially challenged the ruling in November 2022 on 8 March 2023, their challenge was withdrawn. Thus, the ruling was confirmed and came into effect.

The ruling states that “no woman or pregnant person, nor any health provider who receives advice, assistance or defence from any of the three organisations that presented the amparo may be denied the medical service nor criminalised for having or assisting an abortion”. It also declares that it is unconstitutional to criminalise abortion in Puebla’s penal code. GIRE describes this process, bringing together judicial strategies in collaboration with local feminist groups, and by making use of GIRE’s inter-connected strategies of advocacy, research and communication.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and International Women’s Day, and show our solidarity with the fight for safe and legal abortion in the United States, share lessons learned in our countries, and ultimately to promote legal and safe abortion throughout the Americas.

The following are some of the news reports GIRE have shared recently:

One year after the decriminalisation of abortion in Sinaloa, Heidy Mares of the collective No Te Metas con Nuestras Hijas (Don’t mess with our daughters) describes the difficult scenario generated due to the fear and misinformation surrounding abortion for women and people with the capacity to get pregnant who seek this health service, in the text Sinaloa un año después del aborto legal (Sinaloa one year after legal abortion).

During the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we invited Marce Casman from the collective Mutantes Disidentes (Breakaway Mutants) to share their experience on access to abortion for people with the capacity to get pregnant, trans men and non-binary people, to make visible how they experience transphobia when accessing reproductive health services, in Aborto y personas no binaries (Abortion and non-binary persons).

As part of the 44th International Book Fair at the Palacio de Minería, Rebeca Ramos participated in the presentation of the reprinted book El Largo Camino a la Interrupción Legal del Embarazo (The Long Road to the Legal Termination of Pregnancy by GIRE co-founder Mata Lamas is key to explaining the historical trajectory of the struggles for the right to decide in Mexico and inviting intergenerational dialogue between different activists, organisations and social actors involved, yesterday and today, in the Green Tide.

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