Make safe abortion accessible for displaced, migrant, and refugee women and girls: Part 2

International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

26 August 2015

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Make safe abortion accessible for displaced, migrant, and refugee women and girls: Part II

60% of preventable maternal mortality takes place in settings of conflict, displacement and natural disasters – and some of those deaths are from complications of unsafe abortion.TWEETS and RETWEETSSafe Abortion Women’s Right Congratulations to Médécins sans Frontières (MSF) on their policy of protecting the health and lives of women in humanitarian settings through access to safe abortion.Coalition for Adolescent Girls @CAG_org 31 July 2015We can’t help “every woman” if we forget refugees – new blog post Re-tweeted from @wrcommission: Abortion Women’s Right We can’t help “every woman” if we forget safe abortion!Women’s Refugee Commission @wrcommission 3 Aug 2015″They were looking for young girls”– refugee women tell of overcoming sexual violence in #SierraLeone’s Refugee Commission @wrcommission 4 Aug 2015Women in conflict need more #ReproHealth care–but get less. Under-funding must end: #SRHRSafe Abortion Women’s Right End militarism; end gender violence.FACEBOOKWomen’s Refugee Commission 5 Aug 201560% of preventable maternal deaths take place in humanitarian settings. The international community knows how to save these women’s lives. Yet this global evaluation shows shortfalls for lifesaving emergency obstetric care, long-acting contraceptive methods, and safe abortion care:’s Refugee CommissionWomen who have braved displacement, who are working to rebuild lives and communities, do not deserve 43% support. A global evaluation shows a large shortfall for the most crucial lifesaving emergency obstetric care, long-acting contraceptive methods, and safe abortion care:’s Refugee Commission 9 July 2015This year should have been the year of the rights of the child. But: “2015 has become the year of fear, as the rising numbers of girls forced into child marriage, youngsters brutalized as child soldiers in boys’ militias, and girls trafficked into domestic service or the global sex trade, now perhaps account for as many as half a million of the already vulnerable children who go missing.” Gordon Brown: 2015 a year of fear for refugee children – CNN.comWomen’s Refugee Commission7.6 million refugees with disabilities face heightened risk of gender-based violence, yet they are often excluded from programs and services designed to prevent and respond to GBV. “I See That It Is Possible,” launched today by the Women’s Refugee Commission, looks at the best way to ensure that persons with disabilities can access these vital programmes.Women’s Refugee Commission 29 July 2015Memory Banda’s life took a divergent path from her sister’s. When her sister reached puberty, she was sent to a traditional “initiation camp” that teaches girls “how to sexually please a man.” She got pregnant there – at age 11. Memory Banda refused to follow that path. Instead, she organized her community against child marriage and took the campaign national. Watch what happened:A warrior’s cry against child marriageWomen’s Refugee Commission: Empower refugee girlsDespite the fact that adolescent girls typically have begun to take on adult responsibilities – indeed some of them already are mothers themselves – they often lack the knowledge, skills and networks to help them navigate the world. Gender inequity becomes more pronounced in adolescence. Girls are less likely than boys to attend secondary school and are far more likely to be socially isolated. In conflict and disaster, when adolescent girls are forced to flee their homes, sometimes without their families, their vulnerability significantly increases. They lack the life experience to help them handle forced displacement at the same time they are targeted for sexual and gender-based violence at much higher rates.

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