ITALY – Prime Minister Meloni speaks out against abortion, same-sex marriage

Abortion within the first 90 days has been legal in Italy since 1978 under Law 194, and PM Meloni said before coming to power that she intended to “fully enforce” that law. On 1 March 2023, however, she is reported to have said in an interview in Grazia magazine that her government will help women “avoid an abortion” by providing financial support so that they “do not miss out on the joy of raising a child”.

Unfortunately, this intention does not reflect what women with an unwanted pregnancy are looking for. Based on what has happened to previous such “good intentions” on the part of other right-wing, anti-abortion leaders, it is doomed to fail.

She also spoke out against same sex marriage and gender self-identification.

SOURCE: Bloomberg News, by Chiara Albanese, 1 March 2023 + PHOTO by Alessia Pierdomenico/Bloomberg