GUTTMACHER INSTITUTE – Guttmacher’s two in-house journals to stop publication

“The Guttmacher Institute has made the difficult decision to cease publication of our two in-house, peer-reviewed journals, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, as of December 31, 2020.

“The Institute started the journals when the need for avenues to publish scientific articles in our field was great and the options were few: Perspectives began in 1969—more than 50 years ago—and International Perspectives began just a few years later. Over the decades, both journals published foundational and innovative research on a wide range of sexual and reproductive health issues, establishing a reputation as a source for high quality, rigorous research with a focus on real-world implications for both policies and programs.

As you can imagine, the decision to discontinue our beloved publications was not an easy one and was not taken without careful deliberation. We also recognize that we can meet new challenges and opportunities by shifting our strategy to focus squarely on producing and disseminating our own original, timely and policy-relevant research and analysis.

We would like to thank all the hardworking editors and staff—past and present—whose diligence and dedication have helped make the journals the highly respected and essential publications that they are today. In addition, we thank the many authors, peer reviewers and others who have supported these publications over the years. All of us in the sexual and reproductive health field have greatly benefited from the journals’ decades of publishing the best research available.

We are not done yet. The final issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health will be the December 2020 issue, representing the culmination of Volume 52. The final issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, a special issue on abortion in low- and middle-income countries, is scheduled to publish in mid-December.

E-mail from Herminia Palacio, President/CEO, Guttmacher Institute, 19 November 2020