GEORGIA – Documentary: “An Attack on Women, Abortion Services and Democracy”

The investigative-documentary film “Attack on Women, Abortion Services and Democracy” was released by the Association HERA XXI. The film aims to investigate what causes the barriers and stigma to legal abortion — the realization of women’s right to health in Georgia, and also analyses how the issue of abortion becomes a tool of political manipulation to attack democracy and women’s rights.

The film examines the influence of systemic barriers and societal stigmas on women’s right to choose, and the backlash against women’s rights. The causes of the issue are seen and discussed from different points of view, including the double standards of the health care system and clinics; the narrative of public stigmas, radical/conservative groups, and political decision-makers as an influence on public opinion.

44 minutes — released in 2022.

The film is available on YouTube with English subtitles here and in Kartvelian here.

SOURCE: HERA XXI in: CEE Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. No. 01 (209) 2023