28 May 2021: International Day of Action for Women’s Health – JOIN US!

#WomensHealthMatters   #EndInequalityPandemic   #SRHRisEssential

Covid-19 may have impacted all of us, but we are not all impacted equally. It has disproportionately affected women’s health and overall well-being, particularly for those who are living in contexts where public healthcare systems are dismal and vaccines remain inaccessible. The pandemic has exposed and worsened long-standing social and gender inequalities that are manifested in many forms and are operating at different, intersecting levels and infringes upon women’s rights, among them, women’s rights to life, health, bodily autonomy, equality and non-discrimination, and freedom from violence.

Share your country contexts, community initiatives and efforts, and personal stories of the pandemic. Tell us about your planned campaign activities and we can share updates on the official May 28 website and campaign partners’ social media channels!

Need ideas for campaign activities? Here is a list of suggested actions:

  • Solidarity teach-ins. Organize online and offline events to examine the health situation of women and girls and related issues.
  • Create safe spaces for discussions about your experiences. Develop strategies to mobilize and organize locally to discuss how COVID-19 exacerbated unequal access to health and to document the violations you have experienced.
  • Occupy virtual spaces and platforms. Record podcasts, organize Twitter rallies, be visible on Facebook. Use the hashtags #WomensHealthMatters   #EndInequalityPandemic   #SRHRisEssential
  • Utilize channels such as community radios to reach those who have no access to the internet and mobile technology.
  • Be Creative! Organize art contests, virtual galleries, and online concerts!
  • Hold virtual media forums and public meetings to raise awareness about the urgent need to address inequalities and ensure that access to SRHR remains essential.

To know more about the 28 May campaign and how you can join,
see the complete Call for Action at