MOZAMBIQUE – The growing toll of the Global Gag Rule

First-trimester abortion has been legal in Mozambique since 2014. AMODEFA, the national family planning association, refused to sign the Trump iteration of the Gag Rule. They lost 60% of their budget, were forced to lay off one-third of their staff, had to close clinics across the country and dramatically reduce the services at the clinics that remained open. Half of their innovative youth clinics were shuttered. Family planning and contraceptive services, HIV testing and treatment, tuberculosis care, and other health initiatives have all suffered as well. The clinic in Xai-Xai, where one-quarter of people are living with HIV, went from testing nearly 6,000 people for HIV in a four-month period to fewer than 700 soon after the policy hit. Male condom consultations dropped from nearly 100,000 to about 11,000 people. And gynaecological exams and cancer prevention services stopped entirely.
SOURCE: New Republic, by Melody Schreiber, 3 July 2019