LATIN AMERICA – Concentrating on what really matters

Latin America is going through a complex time. Conservatism and the anti-rights agenda is growing in a sustained and dangerous way. The sexual and reproductive rights of women, the fundamental rights of LGTBIQ people, and the development of an education free from prejudice and violence are at risk.

The increase in evangelical churches and their strategic alliance with the most conservative factions of the Catholic Church allows them to infiltrate our parliaments and senators, influence prosecutors, manipulate judges, control heads of state, manage media, strengthen their economic power and tempt political power with increasing ambition to impose its conservative and restrictive agenda.

Hence, those of us who defend reproductive rights, sexual diversity and gender-based rights need to act in an organized, strategic and articulate manner.

The strategy used by anti-rights groups in the region is very often based on false information aimed at raising deep fears in people. With the new dynamics of social networks, fake news is dispersed at an accelerated and unstoppable pace, until it becomes new truths. In this context, (Bad Faith) aims to inform people of the risks, dangers and challenges that affect our rights in Latin America.

We believe in true and transparent information as a fundamental condition for achieving democratic, dialogic and diverse societies. Therefore, we focus on analysing the news from a regional perspective, helping to navigate the informational noise and concentrating on what really matters.

Los Acusadores is a series of articles developed by OjoPúblico (Public Eye) in alliance with El Espectador (The Spectator, Colombia) and the Laboratorio de Periodismo y Opinión Pública (Laboratory on Journalism and Public Opinion, Mexico) – which investigates the ways used by States in Latin America to prosecute women who decide to terminate their pregnancy when it threatens their physical or mental health, or due to fetal malformations or for rape. With the support of CLACAI (Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion). Articles:

La instalación de una oficina permanente del Vaticano en la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) y las amenazas para los de derechos sexuales y reproductivos 

Abortar en México: la justicia se ensaña con las más pobres

Abortar en Colombia: Entre los prejuicios y la pesadilla burocrática

Abortar en Perú: Cuando víctima y familiares son llevados a la cárcel

Argentina y Uruguay tuvieron ola de candidatos religiosos y conservadores en los comicios del último domingo

Brasil: enfoque de género en la mira de Bolsonaro
SOURCE: La Mala Fe, Boletín N°12, 30 October 2019 (todo en español)