Thailand: Choice Network Of Thailand



Bangkok: Pro-Voice 4: Abortion 4G

The Choice Network of Thailand, with over 80-member organisations, held the 44th meeting under the ‘Pro-Voice 4: Abortion 4G’ on 27 September. We aim to make all options available to women experiencing an unintended pregnancy. This meeting also wished to celebrate the solidarity and support health services for safe and legal abortion. The morning session began with our look-back on ‘Pro-Voice 3: Safe and Legal Abortion’, held last year. Then, we held the panel on ‘Abortion 4G: Good Technology, Good Service, Good Law and Good Life’ with speakers who are an obstetrician-gynaecologist from a medical school, an abortion provider, a law professor, and women who have had an abortion. For the afternoon session, we organised the ‘Jackson Movie Talk’, with speakers from an NGO, a feminist group and a university medical hospital. Finally, we ended our event by celebrating with an ‘Abortion Rights Campaign Walk’ to raise awareness for accessing safe and legal abortion.