Jashne-e-Reproductive Rights Festival

Delhi, India

Our objective [with the festival] is to increase awareness
about abortion as a reproductive health and rights issue, and to demand that
every person who chooses to have an abortion is guaranteed access to available,
affordable, safe and legal comprehensive abortion care.

We will enable a safe, shared and inclusive space for people
from diverse walks of life to gain information and develop nuanced
understanding on reproductive rights issues, including about safe abortion,
through the medium of engaging, interactive, and fun activities. The intention
and motivation of the fest is to acknowledge, affirm, celebrate and gather
support for reproductive rights and choices of all persons.

The fest will entail activities such as informative open
sessions on talking and writing about abortion (and sexual and reproductive health
and rights issues from a rights-based perspective), abortion speakout spaces to
hear abortion experiences of those who have had abortion(s), those who have
supported someone who has had abortion(s), and those who have provided abortion
care, as well as using range of performance art to increase awareness and
celebrate reproductive rights – spoken word poetry, music, street theatre, art
and painting, puppetry, etc.

FULL REPORT: DuExpressIn, by Shivam
Malhotra, 11 September 2019