EGYPT – Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

by Ghadeer Ahmed was first published for 28 September 2017 by the Egyptian
group Mada Masr. In this new article, for 28 September in 2019, Ahmed reflects
on the journey of collecting women’s stories since then. She says:

“I did not
decide to gather these stories just to document them, or to shift public
opinion on the question of abortion’s legal status in Egypt, and not even to
make these women’s voices heard by decision-makers so that they can understand
how women seeking abortion suffer from its criminalization. I compile these
narratives for women who had, or may have an abortion under such circumstances.
I write these stories to be a companion for women at a time when nobody is
there for them. Perhaps the stories can offer some answers to questions women
ask themselves when they find out they are pregnant. I collect these tales to
be a mirror, in which women see other women’s experiences marked by fear, anxiety
and survival. I write these stories for women to know they are not the only one
going through this experience, and whatever she feels is real, that it is her
right to feel it that way and that she owns it all….” 

marks a turning point for everyone involved….”

ARTICLE/PHOTO: MadaMasr, 28 September