Armenia: Women’s Resource Center – Press Conference


Press conference with local media and a working group

Women’s Resource Center Armenia initiated a press conference with local media to raise the issues for the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion. A reproductive health and rights expert, a lawyer and a disability rights expert participated in the press conference. The main topic of concern was access to safe abortion for different groups of women, including women with disabilities and rural women. The experts raised the fact that many women in Armenia do not have access to safe abortion. In addition, the new mandatory “waiting period” created new challenges for the most marginalized women. The Women’s Resource Center Armenia also initiated a working group which will bring together different experts working in the field of reproductive health to raise different issues concerning reproductive health and rights affecting different groups of women.


SOURCE: Women’s Resource Center, in Astra CEE Bulletin, No.10(168), 2017. PHOTO: Media Centre