It has been a brilliant year for International Safe Abortion Day!! Below we have reports of 28 September activities published in the Campaign newsletter. Congratulations to all!! For activities and reports on International Safe Abortion Day 2018, please also visit the 28 September website.

International Safe Abortion Day 2018 received unprecedented attention from media around the world, we have compiled a list of media reports we found (in English) on and about 28 September.


28 September 2018 Activities: Statements, Activities, Tweets – 1st  Report , 3 October 2018

28 September 2018 Activities: Statements, Activities, Tweets – 2nd Report, 12 October 2018

28  September 2018 Activities: More Activities – 3rd Report , 16 October 2018

28 September 2018 Report: MEXICO, 30 October 2018

28 September 2018 Report: Madagascar – We can prevent women dying (original report in French), 30 October 2018


International Safe Abortion Day
Global Day of Action: 28 September 2018
“Normalising abortion: it’s part of our lives”

This year, we celebrate our successes and movements, e.g. in Chile, El Salvador, Macedonia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cyprus, Canada, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Jamaica, Argentina, Poland, Isle of Man, Côte d’Ivoire, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia. At the same time, we stand in solidarity with those who have experienced setbacks, e.g. in Argentina, Morocco, Algeria, USA, Belgium, India, and Kenya, to find renewed energy for moving forward.

This year, we call on abortion rights advocates to celebrate local, national and international heroes who have supported women’s right to safe abortion. We call for the creation of a critical mass of support among women for abortion rights as a priority activity.

This year, we invite women to:

  • share their experiences of abortion,
  • talk about why they or others they know have had abortions, and
  • explain the difference it has made to their lives.

This year we invite all women to stand with those who have had abortions to say that:

  • while most women who have abortions are mothers, and most others go on to have children later,
  • we all have the right to decide whether and when to have children, or not to have children at all.

This year, we call on our governments, parliamentarians and judges to reject anti-abortion bills and rescind anti-abortion laws and policies – because they kill women. They kill women!

Lastly, we call on our governments, parliamentarians and judges to acknowledge women as full citizens with human rights, whose life choices command respect and support. We say: “Decriminalize abortion, because all women have a right to life and health.”