INDONESIA – “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies”

Samsara has organised for the 28 September campaign since 2011, and now we involving more networks to join us in Gerak 28 September (28 September Movement) at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our allies chose the theme: “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies” in the context of the situation in Indonesia about abortion, that still restricts for women. Our activities included:

– A Quiz Contest “Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the Province of D.I.Yogyakarta” (for youth aged 16-24)

– Menstrual Pad Cloth Workshop for the community

– Thematic Discussion: Our Bodies and Criminalization through the new draft Penal Code

– Film Screening: Romanian film “4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days”, followed by discussion

– Educational Workshop: Women’s Choice and Unplanned Pregnancy Situation, and

– September 28 Movement Solidarity Night.

We are facing so many new discriminatory regulations that affect bodily autonomy, such as the new draft Penal Code that penalises abortion and women. This text has been rejected by alliances of civil society and students with a large demonstration over three days because there are so many problematic aspects. We have shared the whole story on social media, but it is still in Bahasa: Instagram and Twitter

SOURCE: Samsara Advocacy Officer