EUROPEAN MICROSTATES – The other places in Europe where abortion is almost completely illegal

Alongside Malta, Poland and Northern Ireland, European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but access to abortion is curtailed. This includes the microstates of San Marino (in Italy), Liechtenstein (between Switzerland and Austria), Monaco (in France), and Andorra.

These microstates are political relics of a bygone era. Since the 13th century, Andorra has been ruled as a co-principality between a Catholic bishop and the French head of state. Monaco and Liechtenstein are both governed by powerful monarchs, and San Marino, which was formed in the 4th century as a refuge for Catholics escaping persecution, has political institutions used in Italian city-states before Italy unified in the 19th century. They are all rather politically conservative, including in regard to issues like abortion, which is often presented as preserving their historical character and religious connection to the Catholic church.
SOURCE: Vice, by Sarah Souli, 19 August 2019