The Value of Life:  Scientific and Moral Reflections on Abortion : A Video

What is life? When and how does it begin? How do we know it is present? Can we end it? And, if so, under what circumstances? 

This new video from Catholics for Choice, introduced by Jon O’Brien, explores these critical questions for our age. 

Around the world, people are debating, discussing, arguing and advocating about when human life begins and when it begins to have a moral value. At the very center of the abortion wars is a fundamental difference of opinion about the importance that people assign to life in the womb. The Value of Life brings together experts from science, psychology, medicine and theology to wrestle with questions about the value of life in the womb. 

Featured topics and speakers:

Life, Abortion and Psychology, Stuart Derbyshire, Associate Professor in Psychology, National University of Singapore

Life, Abortion and Science, by Sandy Starr, Deputy Director, Progress Educational Trust, UK

Life, Abortion and Medical Care, by Callie Odula-Obonyo, Kenyan Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Life, Abortion and Patient Care, by Patricia Lohr, Medical Director, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, UK

Life, Abortion and Religious Ethics, by Sheila Briggs, Associate Professor of Religion, University of Southern California, USA