SEXUAL ABUSE: CONGO – More than 50 women accuse aid workers of sex abuse during Ebola crisis

In interviews with the journalists who broke this story, 51 women – many of whose accounts were backed up by aid agency drivers and local NGO workers – recounted multiple incidents of abuse during the 2018 to 2020 Ebola crisis, mainly by men who said they were international workers. The majority of the women said numerous men had either propositioned them, forced them to have sex in exchange for a job, and terminated their contracts … Continued

ROMANIA: Campaign Blog – After the death of the woman, he offers them the money back

On 21 September 2020, Magdalena Clisaru died of haemorrhage in the Romanian city of Ploiesti. She was 45 years old and 12 weeks pregnant, with no prior medical conditions. She was left by the “doctor”, Virgil Mircea Burciu, described as an ob-gyn, for one hour after the “procedure”, carried out in his “private clinic” on the ground floor of an apartment building. Shortly afterwards, she started bleeding heavily. Her daughter was told by the “doctor” that he would give her a prescription to buy haemostatics from the pharmacy to stop the bleeding, but he was not worried. When the daughter returned the doctor was gone and only the cleaner was there. It was her daughter who called an ambulance, but by then it was too late.

PHILIPPINES: SOLIDARITY REQUEST – Abortion law reform bill and petition launched

The Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN) has launched their draft bill to decriminalise abortion. Their webinar launch of the bill was attended by 100 people and the livestreamed broadcast on Facebook reached 2,000 views. They also launched a petition, which they are asking everyone to sign.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION The current restrictive abortion law has not stopped women from inducing abortions but has only forced women to seek out unsafe methods to … Continued

KENYA – Reproductive Healthcare Bill, 2019

The Reproductive Healthcare Bill, 2019, that was before Parliament in Kenya until mid-August 2020 is a far more substantial and comprehensive bill on sexual and reproductive health than its opponents are willing to acknowledge. The main sponsor of the Bill, Senator Susan Kihika, has explained in the Memorandum of Objects and Reasons that the proposed law is meant to actualise the Constitutional guarantee that every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of … Continued

INDONESIA – Jakarta Police plan to block abortion websites, crack down on illegal clinics

The Jakarta Police say they are going to block websites that offer illegal abortion services and pills, citing public health and safety concerns. Their special crimes unit head reportedly said that his office had discovered a number of websites containing contact details for several illegal abortion clinics across the capital. In addition to abortion services, such clinics were said by him to offer drugs to induce miscarriage. He went on to say that the police … Continued

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