POLAND – The government party was too cowardly to reopen the debate themselves; so the judges they appointed did it for them

There were just over 1,000 legal pregnancy terminations in Poland last year, while between 80,000 and 120,000 Polish women a year had an abortion abroad. The Polish government party, Law & Justice, had failed to restrict abortion further in the parliament in the past four years, despite holding a majority of seats, so they sent a case to the Constitutional Tribunal (most of whose judges were appointed by the Law & Justice party) asking them to rule that abortion on the ground of severe fetal anomaly was “unconstitutional”.


On 22 October 2020, the Polish government will vote (yet again) to see if they can make Poland’s draconian abortion law even more restrictive. A protest is being organised by the National Women’s Strike and the head of Warsaw Women’s Strike, Agnieszka Czerederecka, this week, on 22 October. If you can show solidarity online on 21-22 October, please do!

SLOVAKIA: STOP PRESS! Slovak parliament has rejected the restrictive bill on abortion

The Slovak parliament on 20 October narrowly rejected a motion by conservative lawmakers to tighten abortion regulations, a proposal that was harshly criticised by women’s rights groups. The proposed amendment would still have allowed abortion on request until 12 weeks of pregnancy but would have increased the waiting period between requesting an abortion and having it from 48 to 96 hours. It would have banned clinics from advertising services, forced women to declare their reasons … Continued

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