SOUTH AFRICA – Two stories on abortion providers and anti-choice views

Abortion providers face negative judgment from colleagues, while others provide services and training, and the government slowly, slowly moves national abortion guidelines towards approval Lack of support for abortion service providers in the public health sector has led to an exodus of qualified people who provide services. Stigma and judgement from their colleagues make their working conditions so difficult that many opt to leave. Part of the work of Doctors Without Borders’ Choice of Termination … Continued

CHILE – “They played with me”: obstacles, obstacles and more obstacles

Catalina Pizarro, a 32-year-old teacher, has filed a lawsuit against the Tabancura Clinic for refusing three times, starting when she was 12 weeks pregnant, to provide her a legal abortion of an unviable fetus. Given the anomalies involved, she was told the fetus would die in utero. Then she was told she could have an abortion if there was proof that the fetal condition was incompatible with life and with two doctors’ agreement. And then … Continued

Medical Abortion: A Special Edition of Contraception – February 2018

This special edition of Contraception, edited by Marge Berer and Lesley Hoggart, was published in print and online in February 2018. The papers can all be accessed at: in HTML and PDF formats, and also through the weblinks below. All but three are open access. The remaining three have been made openly available by the journal’s editor to complete the set, for which we are very grateful.  Table of Contents EDITORIAL: Medical abortion pills … Continued

Abortion and Human Rights – Health and Human Rights Journal Special Section – June 2017

Special Section: Abortion and Human Rights Volume 19, Issue 1, June 2017 GUEST EDITORS: Alicia Ely Yamin, Paola Bergallo, and Marge Berer Table of Contents ( EDITORIAL  Narratives of essentialism and exceptionalism: the challenges and possibilities of using human rights to improve access to safe abortionAlicia Ely Yamin and Paola Bergallo HTML | PDF DISCUSSION Abortion law and policy around the world: in search of decriminalizationMarge BererHTML | PDF Theorizing time in abortion law and human rightsJoanna N. Erdman HTML | PDF The Dublin Declaration … Continued

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