We will be publicising the activities of all the networks and groups that are part of the campaign in Latin America and inviting everyone to support women’s right to decide. We are also launching a survey about the environment in which women are having abortions in Peru. #LatamAbortoLegal #GritoGlobal ; VISUAL

ARMENIA – International Safe Abortion Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiatives

On September 28 and during the following weeks, the Women’s Resource Center started a social media campaign for raising awareness on abortion issues and talked about the problems Armenian women face when it comes to taking care of their reproductive health. While we had encouraging comments and response from our mainly female audience, unfortunately, there were anti-abortion and anti-choice reactions as well. In October, which is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, we also tried … Continued

THAILAND – RSA THAI demands decriminalisation of abortion

A dozen activists gathered at the Constitutional Court of Thailand on 26 September to demand the decriminalisation of abortion. The Thai Referral System for Safe Abortion (RSA THAI) a network of pro-choice medical professionals and advocates organised an all-day Pro-Voice event to push for the normalisation of safe abortions and mark International Safe Abortion Day. Their demonstration featured four women wrapped in white sheets and industrial ropes and signs strapped to them that said “Criminal … Continued

MALAYSIA – An art exhibition showcasing the work of women who have had an abortion

FYI_KL is a youth organisation that promotes positive messaging on SRHR issues. We organised an art exhibition showcasing the work of women who have had an abortion. These posters announcing the exhibition illustrate some of the art that was shown. The exhibition was open from 28 September to 6 October 2019.

INDONESIA – “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies”

Samsara has organised for the 28 September campaign since 2011, and now we involving more networks to join us in Gerak 28 September (28 September Movement) at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our allies chose the theme: “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies” in the context of the situation in Indonesia about abortion, that still restricts for women. Our activities included: – A Quiz Contest “Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the … Continued

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