SOUTH KOREA – South Korea to review its abortion law following petition

The South Korean president Moon Jae-in’s office said on Sunday that it will begin a review on the country’s 64-year-old law to ban abortion. The announcement came after more than 230,000 South Koreans filed a petition calling for the abolition of the law. South Korea criminalized abortion in 1953 when its leaders wanted to boost the population and build an army powerful enough to fend off its rival North Korea. The law was revised to allow … Continued

EGYPT – Draft law to allow very limited abortion access

On 5 December, the Egyptian Parliament’s Health Affairs Committee will resume its discussion of the first Medical Liability draft law, presented by MP Ayman Abul Ela. This draft law clarifies under what circumstances abortion can be carried out. Abortion would be considered legal if the woman’s life is at risk because of the pregnancy or if the fetus has a disorder that makes it incompatible with life. Under this law, abortion surgery would only be … Continued

NETHERLANDS – New cabinet scuppers plans to allow family doctors to provide medical abortion pills

The new cabinet has withdrawn draft legislation to allow family doctors to prescribe medical abortion pills in the very early stages of pregnancy, the Volkskrant newspaper said. The move is the first concrete sign of the influence of the two Christian parties in government since the recent election on medical ethics issues, the paper said, both of which oppose any widening of the current abortion laws. The mife+miso pill, named Sunmedabon, is currently only available … Continued

GERMANY – Doctor who ‘advertised’ abortion on her website fined €6,000

  A doctor who published information about her services for women on her website has been fined €6,000 for supposedly breaking German criminal law. The 61-year-old Doctor Kristina Hänel was found guilty by a district court in Gießen on Friday of “advertising” abortion on her website. Anti-abortion activists reported her because on the list of services she offers, Hänel includes “family planning, sex counselling — and abortions”. A single word. They pointed to Paragraph 219a … Continued

BRAZIL – Developments regarding Amendment No.181 banning abortion

Amendment No.181, a provision to include protection of life from conception to the text of the Constitution of Brazil, was approved by the Special Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on 8 November. It would criminalize abortion under all circumstances. Since it was passed by 18 men to 1 woman, the mobilization against the measure has been intense. A few days ago, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, declared the amendment would … Continued

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