PORTUGAL: Petition signed by 28 NGOs was delivered to the Ombudsman

On 22 July 2015, in the last Parliamentary plenary session before the general elections on 4 October, the right-wing majority approved several restrictive amendments to the abortion law that has been in place since the 2007 national referendum. These amendments have affected only abortion on request up to ten weeks of pregnancy. Compulsory counselling was introduced as well as undeclared conscience objection in the provision of abortion services. Abortion on request became also became subject … Continued

Portugal: Diary of a Parliamentary Sell-Out

Archive newsletter – August 2015 by Duarte Vilar Executive Director, Associação para o Planeamento da Família (APF), Portugal and from two e-reports by Alice Frade Executive Director, P&D Factor – Associação para a Cooperação sobre População e Desenvolvimento, Portugal 18 June 2015 Portuguese Parliament postpones discussion of an anti-abortion petition An anti-abortion petition entitled “Direito a Nascer” (The right to be born) was submitted to the Portuguese Parliament with enough signatures to force the Parliament to … Continued

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