Following the decision by a court in the Netherlands earlier this month not to approve telemedicine for first trimester abortion, a petition has been posted on, calling on the parliament in the Netherlands as follows: “Women who live with anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms should not visit an abortion clinic. So they cannot terminate an unwanted pregnancy. This also applies to people who cannot visit an abortion clinic unnoticed because of an unsafe home situation. … Continued

NETHERLANDS – Court rejects plea for telemedicine access to abortion pills

Judges in Den Haag have rejected a court application to force the Health Ministry to make abortion pills available by telemedicine to women who are unable to make the requisite visit to a clinic. Women who want to terminate an early pregnancy are therefore still bound by law to visit an abortion clinic before they can be given the pills. Women on Waves and Bureau Clara Wichmann took the case to court. One of the … Continued

NETHERLANDS & UK – I work in an abortion clinic in Cardiff: abusive protesters outside make my job impossible

I have always been proud of my work, but these protests are becoming increasingly devastating for me, my staff and most of all our patients, writes Vivienne Rose. I have had patients who choose to change their appointment for a time outside ’40 Days’ when the protesters aren’t outside. I have had patients literally fear for their lives after being recorded by protesters because their cultural background meant they would face devastating consequences if their … Continued

NETHERLANDS – Finding help to have an abortion sometimes has too many barriers

Women on Web is a telemedical abortion service based in the Netherlands. Recent research by them shows that some women living in the Netherlands cannot access abortion services in clinics. During a 9-month period, 172 women living in the Netherlands responded to an online consultation who were seeking help to have an abortion. The responses came not only from the large cities but also from small villages.

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