MALTA – Fake abortion pills targeting Maltese women on Facebook, activists warn

Reproductive rights activists say Covid-19 travel route shutdown has led to vendors peddling fake and potentially unsafe abortion pills to women on Facebook in Malta. Abortion is still prohibited in Malta, but women seeking terminations could previously circumvent the ban by travelling abroad to abortion clinics. The cessation of passenger flights to and from the island, as a result of Covid-19 restrictions, has provided an opportunity for the criminally unscrupulous to make a profit.

Doctors for Choice, Malta: Position Paper on Abortion

The aim of this position paper is to convey the medical aspects of abortion care, and explain to the general public and stakeholders why abortion care is to be regarded ‘an essential area of women’s healthcare’, as stated by Professor Lesley Regan, past president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

MALTA – Voice for Choice Malta: Malta’s first rally for choice

On the occasion of International Safe Abortion Day, Voice for Choice organised Malta’s first Rally for Choice. The international focus of this year’s theme was #MyAbortionMyHealth, whose aim is to raise awareness of the challenges that pregnant people in Malta face to access safe abortion services as well as challenge the stigma and taboo Maltese women who have abortions experience. The activities included a variety of art, music, drama, interviews and speeches and aimed to appeal … Continued

MALTA – Debate on abortion law moves from Facebook to the highest levels of politics for European elections

The Nationalist Party took out billboard adverts across Malta championing their anti-abortion message and called the European election a “referendum on abortion”. They also accused the ruling Labour Party of secretly supporting greater abortion rights, thinking it would hurt their electoral chances. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was pressed to respond, and said the government doesn’t have a mandate to change abortion laws but then, during a media interview this month, said that it’s time for a “sober … Continued

MALTA – First ever pro-choice movement to launch this weekend

Voice for Choice, Malta’s first ever pro-choice movement is set to launch this weekend to campaign for the legalisation of abortion. The Women’s Rights Foundation and Moviment Graffitti have been sharing an invitation to the upcoming launch on social media: “We are a group of civil society organisations and individuals that together want to work for reproductive rights and justice in Malta. We are grassroots organisations that represent various sectors of our society, as well … Continued

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