ITALY – Inside Italian public hospitals, a US-linked anti-abortion network is ‘humiliating’ women

An Italian federation of anti-abortion activists, linked to the US religious right, is “infiltrating” hospitals to stop abortions. Francesca Visser of Open Democracy saw them in action at the San Pio Hospital in Benevento.  In 2017, the entire Benevento province was briefly left with no abortion provider after the only non-objector at the San Pio hospital retired. Today abortion services are available only two days a week. On each of those days, every week, another … Continued

ITALY – The Biomedical Campus of Rome calls abortion a crime against natural law

The Biomedical Campus of Rome defines the voluntary termination of pregnancy in its statutes as a “crime” and imposes conscientious objection on its students, in open violation of Law 194. This also applies to young doctors attending the Institute’s obstetrics and gynaecology graduate school, although the Biomedical Campus of Rome is accredited by the National Observatory for Specialist Medical Training.  In response, the Italian Medical Association on Contraception and Abortion (l’Associazione Medici Italiani Contraccezione e … Continued

ITALY – Seven doctors on trial for manslaughter in the death in Sicily of Valentina Milluzzo in 2016

Seven Italian doctors are on trial for manslaughter, accused of failing to carry out a life-saving abortion as emergency obstetric care in 2016 for Valentina Milluzzo, who began miscarrying when she was 19 weeks pregnant with twins. She died of sepsis, which with prompt and appropriate care, including emergency evacuation of the uterus, can be prevented/treated before it becomes fatal. This cause of death happened to Savita Halapannavar in Ireland four years earlier. The court … Continued

ITALY – VIDEO: Aborto: libere di scegliere, togliamoci la maschera

Abortion: free to choose, let’s take off the mask – On 22 May 2019, the 41st anniversary of the Law 194 was celebrated. It ends the 40 years since the law was passed, which has been strongly disregarded, in spite of the popular will. Statistics indicate that 68% of gynaecologists claim conscientious objection. This is leading in some regions (like Molise) to women being unable to have an abortion.

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