IRELAND – Amy Dunne: “I was told I would be done for murder”

Amy Dunne was several months pregnant the week she turned 17, and learned she was carrying a baby with anencephaly, a fatal abnormality. She was given a pseudonym and became the focus of a landmark Irish legal case – and now she is reclaiming her story. Although she was living in foster care, Dunne had looked forward to becoming a mother and building a new life with her boyfriend. Distraught, she shared the news with … Continued

IRELAND – Lights Out: A Sense of Quietness

by Falling Tree Productions A radio programme focusing on the history of the movement to legalise abortion in Ireland and women’s experiences finding abortions. The programme follows a line of connection through four women across two referendums to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion. Starting on live television at a beauty pageant, you will hear from a journalist, a radio producer, the founder of a woman’s clinic and a woman travelling from Ireland … Continued

IRELAND – No One Left Behind: the theme of this year’s March for Choice in Dublin

“It has been more than a year since the landslide vote for abortion rights in Ireland, yet last weekend hundreds of people were once more marching through the streets of Dublin, chanting: “Get your rosaries off our ovaries!” “It’s nonsense, what are they marching for?” a guard standing on the road outside the National maternity hospital asked a colleague on a motorbike – referring to the 2018 referendum in which the Irish public voted overwhelmingly … Continued

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