IRELAND NORTH AND SOUTH – The changing landscape of abortion care: embodied experiences of structural stigma in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

by Kathleen Broussard Social Science & Medicine 2020(January);245. Article 112686  (Not open access) Abstract The private use of abortion medication outside of the formal healthcare setting is an international phenomenon. Despite new and expanding pathways to abortion access, we know little about how women’s perceptions and experiences of abortion may also be changing. This study examines the embodied experience of 68 women who sought abortion services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Social … Continued

IRELAND – Amy Dunne: “I was told I would be done for murder”

Amy Dunne was several months pregnant the week she turned 17, and learned she was carrying a baby with anencephaly, a fatal abnormality. She was given a pseudonym and became the focus of a landmark Irish legal case – and now she is reclaiming her story. Although she was living in foster care, Dunne had looked forward to becoming a mother and building a new life with her boyfriend. Distraught, she shared the news with … Continued

IRELAND – Lights Out: A Sense of Quietness

by Falling Tree Productions A radio programme focusing on the history of the movement to legalise abortion in Ireland and women’s experiences finding abortions. The programme follows a line of connection through four women across two referendums to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion. Starting on live television at a beauty pageant, you will hear from a journalist, a radio producer, the founder of a woman’s clinic and a woman travelling from Ireland … Continued

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