CYPRUS – The parliament has changed the abortion law after three years of inaction

After years of discussion and fear of reprisals from the Orthodox church and objections by the Archbishop, on 30 March 2018 the parliament of Cyprus passed a law that had been sitting in a drawer since 2015 when it was first tabled. The law provides broader legal grounds for abortion. Previously, women had needed certification by two doctors that the pregnancy posed a risk to the woman’s health The new law allows termination of an … Continued

CYPRUS – Hide the abortions and then prosecute the doctors who provide them

In Cyprus, the criminal code was amended in 1986 to permit abortion, if two doctors agree, in cases of risk to the woman’s life or health, or serious fetal anomaly, and with police certification also in cases of rape. The law does not specify a time limit, but in the north of Cyprus the limit is 10 weeks. There are many private clinics providing abortion on the island, charging 600€ on average (median income in … Continued

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