BELGIUM – Decriminalisation of abortion: the bill receives the approval of the Council of State

The Council of State has published a long-awaited opinion on the bill that expands the legal conditions for abortion in Belgium. The Council said that the main points of the text, namely the lengthening from 12 to 18 weeks of the period within which a voluntary termination of pregnancy can be practiced, the abolition of criminal sanctions and the reduction of the period of reflection from six to two days, did not call for any particular observation. The Socialist bill supported by environmentalists, liberals, DéFI and the PTB was approved at second reading by the House Justice Committee late last year. Before it was examined in plenary, the President of the Chamber, Patrick Dewael (Open Vld), sent it to the Council of State.

BELGIUM – Belgian bill tabled to extend upper time limit and criminalise anti-abortion protest

The Belgian parliament is again debating abortion. This time, the bill on the table would allow abortions up to 18 weeks (from the current 12 weeks), remove all penalties for women who do not comply with the law, and shorten the mandatory delay period from six days to two days. The bill also creates the “offence of obstructing abortion” penalised either by jail for 3-12 months and/(or) a fine of 100 to 500 Euros. This … Continued

BELGIUM – Decriminalisation of abortion: the debate is re-opened in the parliament

Members of the Justice Committee in the Belgian parliament have re-opened the debate on the decriminalisation of abortion. Five bills have been tabled, all of which go further than the current law, as amended in October 2018. But there are differences between the bills and the parties supporting them. Hence, there may not be a sufficient majority for decriminalisation of abortion. The law reform of October 2018 legalised abortion under in certain conditions, but did … Continued


TO: Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the European Commission, Brussels, 1 October 2019 RE: Call to President-Elect Von der Leyen to support women’s reproductive rights in the EU  Dear Madam President-Elect Von der Leyen, “In light of this year’s International Safe Abortion Day we, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and Members of Parliament of the Netherlands, call upon you to secure the rights of the 15 million women in the European Union … Continued

UN COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN -Belgian Minister to take Brussels Declaration ”Right to abortion” to the Commission

Rudy Demotte, Minister-President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, is due to go to New York for the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York, 10-14 March. Demotte’s message is clear: a woman’s right to abortion needs to be hammered home. The trip is with a view to taking the Brussels Declaration, which is calling for legalising abortion, his department reported.  The Declaration gathered more than 2,500 signatures last year (, and champions treating … Continued

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