IRELAND – Irish Family Planning Association statement on their information and support services

Last week, we reported that the @IrishFPA had to change the stock photos of women they use online and in their materials after learning that another group were using the same pictures to promote anti-abortion messages. Here is the IFPA’s statement in response to this: “The IFPA’s website and health information leaflets are transparent about the IFPA’s values and services: we are a rights-based, women-centred service and we offer quality pregnancy counselling, early abortion care, … Continued

UK: PLEASE SIGN PETITION – Commemorating the victims of Dr James Marion Sims

Anarcha Westcott was a teenager who had just given birth for the first time when she was forcibly separated from her baby and subjected to experimental gynaecological surgery without any anaesthetic. Dr James Marion Sims was the doctor who led the team that put Westcott and other unconsenting, enslaved Black women through trauma in order to develop the speculum and a range of gynaecological techniques such as surgery for fistula. Today, he is known as … Continued

IRELAND – Anti-abortion group tries to use same photos as Irish Family Planning Association

The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) has had to change the stock photos of women it uses in its promotional materials after learning that an anti-abortion group that runs a so-called crisis pregnancy service was using the same pictures to promote anti-abortion messages. For example, they used one photo to advertise “post-abortion” care, which said: “Some women may experience feelings of sadness, grief, anger and regret following an abortion.” The IFPA are concerned that pregnant … Continued

ITALY – Italy takes first step in the direction of 21st century medical abortion guidelines

After ten long years of battles, in Italy a woman seeking an early medical abortion is no longer required to be admitted as an inpatient to hospital for three days to take the medications. The upper time limit to use medical abortion pills was extended from 7 weeks gestation to 9 weeks as well. The woman must, however, still attend an in-person appointment at a day hospital to obtain the pills. Twice?? Unclear. Where the … Continued

FRANCE – French feminist, Gisèle Halimi, who never resigned herself, has died aged 93

She died the day after her 93rd birthday. Emmanuelle Piet’s expression of admiration is for a woman who was committed to the fight against inequalities and women’s freedom – for the right to abortion, the abolition of the death penalty, criminalisation of rape, decriminalisation of homosexuality, and much more.

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