ZIMBABWE – Backstreet abortions in appalling conditions

Backstreet abortions are still being done in Zimbabwe using knitting needles, spoons, dishwashing liquid, dangerous pills and concoctions. They are putting the lives of hundreds of women at risk. A lot are dying and suffering in silence, while others do not seek medical help until it is too late. There are more than 60,000 unsafe abortions each year, half of them in adolescents. 16% percent of maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortions. The 2016 … Continued

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – The authorities address unsafe abortion (text in English and French)

In the Central African Republic, unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortality. Abortion is illegal and punishable by several years’ imprisonment. Only therapeutic abortion under certain conditions is legal. Assizes were held this week to study the question.

ETHIOPIA – Dialogues About Abortion (documentary)

***CORRECTION – 28 January 2020:*** The title of a new research documentary made in Ethiopia by Thera Mjaaland from Norway, reported in the 15 January 2020 newsletter, was wrong, as were some important details about its contents. Here is the correct title of the film with the link to it, and the first paragraph about its contents: Dialogues about abortion After screenings of a four-part edutainment drama called Choices & Consequences, where a young woman … Continued

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