IPAS WEBINAR – Sustainable Woman-Centred Abortion Care: A Framework for the Future

This webinar opens a critical conversation on how different actors all play a role in the sustainability of abortion care. It presents a framework on how different actors can work together by analysing the specific conditions at country level that need to be addressed. The framework recognizes that sustainable abortion care is dynamic and requires new thinking, new ways of collaborating, and new approaches to meeting challenges that are country-specific. WATCH AND LISTEN AT: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/6109025547079725325. … Continued

DR WILLIE PARKER – The abortion doctor and his accuser: What does it mean to take women’s claims of sexual assault seriously?

Katha Pollitt, widely respected US feminist journalist, writes: “Until March 25, 2019, Dr Willie Parker was a highly respected and much-loved abortion provider in Alabama, the celebrated author of a best-selling book, Life’s Work, in which he defended abortion from a Christian perspective, and a frequent, charismatic speaker and honoree at pro-choice conferences and events. An imposing middle-aged black man who grew up poor in Alabama, he was the movement’s rock star. That all changed … Continued

ANTI-ABORTION ‘CRISIS PREGNANCY’ CENTRES – Women targeted with disinformation in 18 countries

If you go to a public hospital, you expect accurate medical information. You expect staff who offer you an ultrasound to be medically qualified. However, a nine-month investigation by openDemocracy has revealed ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ in 18 countries that are feeding women disinformation, emotionally manipulating them and outright lying about abortion. Their reporters visited these centres and were falsely told that abortion increases the risk of cancer and mental illness; that it makes a woman more likely to abuse her … Continued

THE US ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT – The US anti-abortion movement’s links to white supremacists: a long history

Racism and xenophobia have been woven into the US anti-abortion movement for decades. In recent decades, the mainstream of their movement has been careful to protect its public image by distancing itself from overt white nationalists in its ranks. However, despite the careful curation of their public image, they have long been complicit with white supremacy. This article traces this history, intertwined with its religious origins, starting from the 1960s. ARTICLE SOURCE: The Nation, by … Continued

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